No Ragrets

If I could jump into a DeLorean and wiz back to my freshman year of high school I would have a couple things to tell myself. First I would tell myself not to carry such a heavy backpack, because now I have terrible posture,

but also I would tell myself to get out there and have a little fun.

I feel like I missed out a little on the fun side of high school. I don’t mean go out and party, because honestly that isn’t a whole lot of fun for me, but go out with friends.

kristen wiig animated GIF

I wish I didn’t spend so many lunches in the theater alone. Even though I did gain a lot of wisdom from those chats with my director, I wish I could remember my high school experience as being filled with friends and no regrets.

I would tell myself to get out there and to not be afraid of people’s reactions. Go to the football games, eat lunch in the quad, ask him out!

I would tell myself to stop living in the fear of rejection, but to live for myself.

But I would also tell myself that either way, if I get out there and push myself  or not, I still end up all right. The future is bright as long as I hold true to who I am.